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Though no one likes to think about them, disasters and serious accidents can happen any time, anywhere, and it’s all too easy to take for granted the availability of trained first responders or access to emergency medical resources. This practical, comprehensive guide is based on the assumption that a reader may be in a remote location or in a post-disaster situation where professional medical care is unavailable.

Written by a former Green Beret medic with more than 25 years of combined field and clinical experience in both military medicine and herbalism, Herbal Medic covers first-aid essentials, such how to assess a situation and a person in need of treatment and distinguish between illness and injury, as well how to prepare and use herbs when there is no access to conventional medical treatment.

In addition, the book provides a basic introduction to herbal medicine, with detailed entries on the best herbs to use in treatment; information on disease in the body and how herbs work against it; instructions for making herbal preparations; a list of those herbs the author has found most useful in his clinical experience; and a wide array of specific herbal care protocols for a multitude of acute health issues.

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