GardenGro FAQ

Did you know? GardenGro is made using organic kelp, humic acid, alfalfa & essential oils.

Q: What is KozGro Organics?

KozGro Organics makes organic plant and soil builders for lawns, gardens, house plants, and large agricultural growing operations. These products are all made using a blend of humic acids and sea kelp extracts as well as a blend of other mineral rich ingredients. The products have been specially formulated to be safe for all plant and soil types.

Q: Does KozGro Organics have any organic certifications?

GardenGro has been granted a seal of organic approval from OMRI. You can read more about OMRI here. Receiving this seal is not an easy task, and KozGro Organics has to prove each year that their ingredients and processes still meet organic expectations. 

Q: How do KozGro Organics products work?

KozGro Organic’s plant and soil builders are formulated to aid the soil by breaking down harsh salt residue & clay, making the soil more permeable for water absorption – creating a perfect environment for healthy micro and macro-organisms. This product also allows for better nutrient absorption and encourage growth by providing the plant with the vital minerals necessary for healthy plant functions. If you really want to get technical, you can read more about a couple of active ingredients here and here.

Q: Are KozGro Organics products sustainable?

KozGro Organics cares deeply about our soil because we understand that healthy plants start with healthy soil. The desire to nurture our soil is the same reason we feel strongly about using sustainable ingredients whenever possible. One of the main ingredients, sea kelp extract is a sustainable option that KozGro ORganics feels proud to include in their product. Read more about the sustainability of kelp here.

Q: Will KozGro Organics help solve the salt problem I have in my soil?

KozGro Organics products can help to neutralize the salts in your soil which will help solve many salt related problems. You can read more about the effect of humic acid on high salt soil here.

Q: How does KozGro Organics help to control pests?

KozGro Organics can help to increase the brix (sugar) levels in the plants. Chewing and sucking insects excrete sugar, but they cannot digest sugar. Too much sugar will kill these insects, so they generally move from plants with higher sugar levels to plants with lower sugar levels. Read more about how brix levels help to control pests here. A higher brix level actually means a lot more than pest control for your garden. A plant with higher brix level is a plant with more nutrients and a better taste! You can learn more about how brix affects nutritional value here.

Q: Does KozGro Organics help break down crop residue?

Yes! KozGro Organics does break down crop residue by creating an environment in the soil where beneficial microorganisms will flourish. These microorganisms are then able to work at eating away the decaying plant matter left over from last year’s crops.

Q: How does KozGro Organics affect the root system?

KozGro Organics is specially designed to help the root system function at their best. The humic acid works to help roots intake vital nutrients that may have been unavailable to the plants before the addition of humic acid in the soil. You can read more about the amazing benefits of humic acid here.

Q: Does KozGro Organics leach into the soil?

No! It will not wash or leach out of the soil. It will remain in the top 2 feet of the soil.

Q: Does KozGro Organics need to be incorporated into the soil?

This product can be applied in the fall after harvest or in the spring before planting. It can be sprayed on top of the soil since it starts to work as soon as it touches the soil.

Q: What is the best way to apply KozGro Organics products?

KozGro Organics products should be sprayed full coverage broadcast, both to the soil and plant. For garden and lawn products we suggest a hose end sprayer. For smaller areas such as planter boxes or raised garden beds a hand pump sprayer works great too!

Q: When should GardenGro product be applied?

Apply in early spring to help wake up your soil. You can apply to bare ground before you've planted or you can apply to dormant plants. Your second application should come immediately following transplanting plants into soil to help reduce shock and encourage root intake. During the growing season, apply up to every two weeks. At the end of the growing season, apply once more to aid in the breakdown of leftover plant matter. 

Q: Can KozGro Organics products be applied with pesticides and fertilizers?

No, this product should be applied by itself.

Q: What is the shelf life of KozGro Organics products, and how should it be stored?

The shelf life is 2 years. It should be stored away from other chemicals, out of the sun and kept from freezing. Because of the raw ingredients in our products, some swelling may occur. If swelling occurs, the product is still completely safe for use!

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